Connect your Roku link code from TV

Roku link code is an essential requisite to setup and link your Roku streaming device. Use the code and complete the device setup process.

Read and then understand the guidelines before you proceed with device activation using Roku link code or to connect your Roku link code from TV.

Roku link code from TV

Execute all the necessary steps promptly, troubleshoot the errors if you come across any and then proceed further with the steps to use the Roku link code.

Execute the hardware setup before you begin

    • Power on your device and then check if you have connected all the cables.
    • Insert the power cable to power up the device and use the HDMI cable to connect the streaming device to the Roku TV. All the cables must be inserted into the respective port.
    • Establish a good speed network connection – It is important to connect the device to the good speed network connection and there are two options.
    • The wireless network connection can offer you better speed. As you switch on your device you can view a Roku logo that is visible on the screen.
      1. Wait and green check marks will be visible on your device screen and it will indicate the status of the network connection.
      2. If red check marks are visible then you need to go forward with the troubleshooting tips and the best part is there are lot of troubleshooting tips to resolve it.

Note down the Roku Link code from TV

The Roku link code will be visible on your device display screen. Note down the code from the device display screen. To use the code it is important to link it to the Roku account. We suggest the users to create a Roku account if they dont have one.

Get Roku Link code from TV

Create a Roku account to use the Roku Link code

For Roku account creation you need to provide the required data. This include name, email ID and password. Tapping on the submit tab will help you to complete the account creation process successfully.

Always provide the valid information and you can avoid lot of errors in future.

Start linking the streaming device

  1. For linking the device to the Roku account you are free to visit the page
  2. Clicking on the URL will prompt you to provide the Roku link code which you have already noted down from the device display screen.
  3. The device will be linked to the Roku com link account once all the steps are complete.

Troubleshooting tips to resolve the errors

Resolve the errors executing the available troubleshooting tips and you can proceed further with the activation and setup process. There are lot of instructions and here are some of them.

  • If the error is associated with the code that you use just to try to get a new code. Pressing on the star button on your remote will help you to generate a new code. Try contacting the network or service provider to get a new code.
  • Ensure that you type the code in the required space promptly as you proceed with the steps.
  • Go for a quick restart of the device and all most all the errors will resolve (Settings >system>system restart is the settings used for restarting the device)
  • Verify the validity of the Roku account that you use.
  • If the existing account that you use is not valid you can deactivate it and try creating a new account and you can visit the respective page for creating it.
  • We suggest you to use the wireless network connection as it can offer you the better speed.
  • If the existing network connection is not working you can go for a new wireless connection. Just use the wired connection to get better output.

Use the right code, type in the right space. Use the best Roku streaming device model, start streaming to watch the best channels you like by visiting the channel store.

To get more guidelines and instructions to complete the steps to connect the Roku link code from TV we suggest you to visit our webpage. Use the toll-free number provided on our web page and just dial it to reach our support team.


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