Watching YouTube on Roku with roku

If you are thinking that YouTube is ‘just another channel’ that you will be watching on the Roku, maybe you might want to think twice. Most certainly, Roku is much more than just that. Activate the channel at Thereafter, get a youtube roku code that you can enter at roku.

About YouTube on Roku

Get easy accessibility to premium channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, AMC, the DISNEY CHANNEL and much more with YouTube TV’s live streaming service. Subscribers have to pay just $35 per month for the service. With a little extra to add on users can also watch Shudder, Sundance Now, Showtime and other popular such shows.

Currently YouTube TV services over 80 metro areas across the United States. You will also find a list of cities on the channel when you do the com start Roku activate process.

Activate YouTube on Roku

You can start a free trial on the channel by following the SIGN IN prompt. To get the trial do the following:

  • Click on the TRY IT FREE option on tv.youtubetv/activate and use your GOOGLE ACCOUNT SIGN IN credentials
  • GOOGLE will automatically identify your location and a list of channels and networks in your area will appear
  • Here, you can choose all your premium add-ons and even CONFIRM your payment method
  • If you cancel before the 7-day period, you will not be billed
  • Thereafter, link your YouTube TV account with Roku
  • For this, from the HOME screen choose ALREADY A MEMBER and then go to on a mobile device or computer
  • Sign in and enter the code featured on the Roku

How to affix your Roku to the YouTube TV account

  • For this, from the HOME screen choose ALREADY A MEMBER and then go to tv.youtubetv/activate on a mobile device or computer
  • Sign in and enter the code featured on the Roku. By doing this, you can log in
  • Ensure you do not exceed the stipulated time limit for entering the code when prompted. In case you do so, the code will not be accepted and so you will have to get a new linking code.


  • The TOP PICKS section on the interface contains some suggestions to watch on-demand and live content.
  • There are other categories that viewers can pick from such as NEWS, SPORTS, SHOWS, MOVIES, FAMILY and a lot more.
  • The MAIN home screen also contains an icon that leads you to YouTube Red Originals.
  • And then there is also the regular content available on YouTube such as TRENDING ON YOUTUBE and FOOD SHOWS ON YOUTUBE, etc.
  • Check out the list of all the available networks on YouTube listed at the bottom of the screen.
  • There are listings of shows available by genre, other than UPCOMING, ON-DEMAND, and LIVE. You get a catalog of all the broadcasts that are scheduled in the near future.
  • Information about a particular show and its related video is arranged well on the interface. A traditional cable-TV-type programming grid appears for you to choose from when you choose LIVE.

DVR Storage on the Cloud

  • On the Cloud YouTube TV provides unlimited DVR storage space. Choose the LIBRARY option for all the recordings on the DVR.
  • Perform a search to find content through the LIVE TV grid or if there is another way to find your preferred shows to record.
  • Then add it to your library by click on the PLUS sign
  • This way even the upcoming broadcasts of the show will be recorded and stored.

Visit tv.youtubetv/activate and get a summary of all the channels that are currently available on the service. Not all the channels are available in all the areas. So, prudence recommends users to check the YouTube TV website and get a free trial to know more about availability in a specific area.

The local channels, exact TV networks, etc., pertaining to your area can be easily visualized through the free trial.

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