Roku Music Channels

What else in the world rather than music can soothe a broken heart. The power of music cannot be described in words. You can feel, experience, lure and enjoy good music.  Whereas music can motivate you and even break you down into tears as well. Here is the list of the Roku music channels which has tons and tons of popular playlist that will captivate the rhythm of your heart.

Roku Music Channel

Roku Music Channel

Various genres of music from your favorite Albums are available on Roku. All you have to do, acquire a pair of Roku TV wireless Speakers to take your musical experience to the next level.

Nine Roku Music Channels that you can TUNE into!!!


Get each and every song you’d love to hear for free. Scroll through your favorite playlists and stream some beautiful albums that is available in the biggest music library. Acquire the subscription for $9.99 after one-month free trial to listen to your premium contents in high-quality audio and commercials will be eradicated. Spotify Connect app allows you to manage the channel on Roku from your laptop, smartphones or tablets.


One of the best Roku music channels which provide access to customize the songs you love and acquire a personalized music station to enjoy it privately. A ninety-day free trial is offered for those who purchase Roku TV Wireless Speakers and after that, you can subscribe for $9.99 per month. Premium membership will give access to unlimited music library without any commercials and the users can also listen to the songs without an internet connection by downloading the music. For Channel activation steps visit


Get access to the deadliest combo of radio and music using this app. Other than music, you can also listen to live sports, talk shows and music countdowns. Add your favorite songs under My Favorites Radio and chill..!  You now have an independent station only with music you like and that to for free!!!

Amazon Music

The cyclopean of online shopping is testing new waters in the entertainment industry. Nearly two million songs are available from which you can pick your favorites, playlists and Stations. Just activate Amazon Music Unlimited to access more than ten millions of songs. However, you need to have an Amazon Prime membership along with the subscription.


Without talking much, we’ll tell you what you get by activating this channel. Music, local radio, play-by-play sports, live news and podcasts are available under one single name, TuneIn. Premium subscriptions will give you access to free news coverage, special sports moments and music for any mood. You can activate this channel for just 9.99 dollars per month right after you complete the thirty day free trial.


Stream high-definition music videos by your favorites playlists and artists on VEVO. All you have to do is, sync your VEVO account with Roku player and stream everything in the channel for free.

Deezer and SiriusXM are the best apart from the above music channels. However, you can also opt for Roku free music channels like and myTuner Radio. Other than this, there are so many Roku private music channels that you can enjoy watching.

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