[How To] Solve Roku Device Error Code Issues

 Ultimate Guide to Roku Error Codes Fix


Error Code Number Issue Reason How To Fix 001 Activation issue Re-enter the activation code after checking the network connections 009 Not able to connect to the internet Contact your ISP to resolve the issue 005 This is common in Roku 3 players and signifies a weak connection with the server Check your internet settings and also check if there is an outage with the product server 014 Unable to connect to the wireless network Improve your router’s signal strength and try connecting once again HDCP error Older Roku versions face this issue as they are unable to stream certain channels Replace your HDMI cable to overcome this issue

Every Roku user will face one of the above mentioned issues at least once. Each Roku error signifies a specific issue. Therefore, follow the remedial steps accordingly to overcome such error messages. Let us have a look at each of these in detail. You will get the Roku Error Codes during the Roku.com/link Activation process.

Roku Error Code 001

Activation error code 001 signifies an activation issue with your streaming player. Many times, the device will not get activated even after entering the activation code. Here’s the fix for this issue.

Error Code 001 Fix

  • To begin with, note down the link code carefully
  • Also, use the code within a certain period of time as they can expire
  • Make use of the HELP menu on your Roku to generate a new link code
  • The activation issue error code 001 can be fixed by checking the network connection
  • For instance, check the Ethernet or LAN cable when it is a wired connection
  • Otherwise, verify the router settings and the corresponding streaming device settings when it is wireless connection
  • Navigate to the Settings menu a open Network a and then, Check connection
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if it is an issue on their side

Server Error Code 001

  • Initially, obtain the IP address of the website using the DNS server
  • Next, communicate using an HTTP data stream after opening an IP socket
  • Check if you are able to receive data back from the socket
  • Then, make use of this IP address to reconnect to the server

Streaming Stick Error Code 001

  • This signifies an activation issue with regard to your streaming stick
  • Therefore, ensure that you select the correct input port before beginning the setup process
  • Then, make sure you enter the link code accurately
  • Also, check your internet connection before reentering the code for activation

Roku Error Code 009

The error 009 occurs when you are unable to connect to your internet. For example, the Roku will be able to connect to your router but the router will be unable to connect to the internet.

Error Code 009 Fix

  • In this case, you have to contact your ISP to resolve the issue
  • Otherwise, restart the Roku device and re-establish a connection with your router
  • Navigate to the Settings menu a then, System option a and finally, the System restart option
  • However, the second method is applicable only if you find that you are able to connect other devices to the same network

Streaming Stick Error Code 009

Are you unable to connect the streaming stick to the internet? Then, your Roku will display this stick code 009 at the bottom of your display screen. Therefore, you must follow the below-given measures to overcome the problem.

  • First, check the wireless connection between the streaming stick and the router
  • Second, verify if you are able to connect other devices to the same network
  • If yes, then, plug out and reinsert the player into the HDMI port on your TV
  • Otherwise, get in touch with your ISP to know the status of your internet connection

Roku Tv Error Code 009

  • This is the same as in the streaming stick, except that you have to check the connections between the TV and the router.
  • Check the Ethernet cable connection between the Roku TV and the router for a wired network connection
  • Alternatively, check the Wi-Fi settings of the two devices for a wireless network connection
  • Finally, restart both devices before you retry the process

Error Code 009 Time Warner

Earlier Roku models may have difficulty in connecting to the Time Warner channel. In such cases, you may come across this error code. So, check your connections and make use of a new HDMI cable to resolve this issue.

Box Error Code 009

This is common in other streaming player models such as the Express, Premiere and Ultra. You must check your connection with the router and follow remedial actions. You can either contact your ISP or perform a hard reset of your Roku to resolve this issue. These measures can be used for the Roku 2 xs error code 009.

Roku Error Code 003

The error 003 displays on your screen when a software update fails. There are several reasons why a software update would fail on your Roku resulting in the update error code 003.

Error Code 003 fix

  • Before you begin, check the wired or wireless connection with your network router
  • Also, check if the internet or DSL cable is inserted correctly into your router
  • Next, verify if there is a temporary outage of the Roku server
  • If so, then you have to perform the software update at a later point in time
  • Otherwise, check if there is an outage with your service provider
  • Retry the process once you have fixed the above-mentioned issues
  • You will now be able to overcome the software update failed error code 003

Error code 003 Xfinity and error code 003 Comcast

Sometimes, streaming media players such as Roku 4 will face issues connecting to Xfinity or Comcast. Follow these steps to get rid of the mgo error code 003.

  • Verify if the IP address of the Roku and Xfinity are the same
  • If not, you may have to manually set the Roku’s IP to match that of the Xfinity
  • Otherwise, contact Comcast to resolve the error code 003

Streaming Stick error code 003

  • Every device automatically updates the software and firmware when connected to the internet.
  • Similarly, the streaming stick also updates the software when you connect it to the internet.
  • You will notice the error code 003 on Roku streaming stick when it is unable to update the software.

Roku TV Error Code 003

This happens when your TV has difficulty in updating the software. Hence, you must troubleshoot the network first and then check with your ISP for further issues.

Roku Error Code 005

An error commonly occurring in the Roku 3 players, it signifies a weak connection with the server. The streaming player will be unable to complete a connection with the server due to several reasons which include,

  • An issue with the server
  • A network issue
  • An issue with the router
  • Connection error

Troubleshoot the above errors to get rid of the Roku 3 error code 005.

HDCP Error Roku

The older Roku versions are sometimes incapable of streaming certain channels from the Roku channel store. This problem is referred to as the Hdcp error roku 3. Try the following steps to play all channels on your streaming player.

  • To begin with, try a new HDMI cable in the place of your old one
  • Then, remove and add the channel that you had an issue with
  • And also, restart the Roku and retry playing the channel once again

Roku Error Code 014

What does error code 014 mean on roku? Wireless network issues are often denoted using this error code and the corresponding error message. It can be related to the router, network, streaming device or the service provider. Also, the error code 014 streaming stick is associated with the same set of causes.

Error Code 014 Fix

  • First, check the router settings corresponding to the wireless connection
  • Second, improve the signal strength of your router using a signal amplifier
  • Third, troubleshoot your streaming device and check if it has an issue connecting to the network
  • Finally, contact the service provider if the above methods don’t give any results
  • Use them whenroku error code 014 connecting to local network has issues

Roku TV Error Code 014

The Roku TVs are more or less similar to other streaming players in their working principles. Therefore, they have similar error codes and troubleshooting techniques. The roku player error code 014 is in fact, similar to the box error code 014. Follow the same steps as in the generic solution for this hd error code 014.

Roku 2 xd Error Code 014 and Roku 2 xs Error Code 014

The older Roku versions such as the second gen XS and XD models too face difficulties connecting to the wireless network. This is synonymous with the roku xd error code 014 and the roku lt error code 014.

  • Check the network connections and the signal strength of your router
  • Next, check if the correct password was entered for the network
  • Also, verify if the correct network name was chosen before connecting

Roku Setup Error Code 014 and Roku Support Error Code 014

The only remedy to this problem is to restart both your streaming device and the network router.

Roku Error Code 014 Comcast and Roku Error Code 014 Xfinity

This is an error that occurs when you lose the network connection while trying to launch these channels.

  • Before you begin, check the signal strength of your network connection
  • Eventually, troubleshoot the setup process
  • Finally, restart all devices or perform a hard reset of your streaming device

Thus, you can overcome the error code 014 on roku devices.