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Listen to some of the world class songs from your favorite albums available in the largest music repository. Just install the Pandora app by executing the steps and start to stream the chart busters without any hassles.

Pandora Subscription

Though Pandora is available for free, it also offers several packages with specific add-ons and benefits. Here are the various subscription plans which you can activate to stream Pandora on Roku.

Pandora Free

  • Create a custom playlist of your favorite songs, artists and albums
  • Provide feedbacks which will help the channel to provide a better service to the users
  • Give Thumbs up if you like a song or tap Thumbs Down which will remove the song from the specific station. Remember that the songs you give Thumbs Down will never play in that station again.

Pandora Plus

  1. The very first ad-free subscription of Pandora
  2. Replay your favorite tracks
  3. Offline radio station access
  4. Crystal Clear Audio Quality
  5. Pay just 4.99 dollars per month or 54.89 dollars a year to acquire Pandora Plus

Pandora Premium

  • The benefits of Pandora Plus Subscription will also be incorporated into this package
  • Acquire songs on-demand
  • Create your own playlist and listen to it offline
  • Pay just $9.99 per month or go for an annual subscription which costs $109.89

Pandora Premium Family

  • More than six Pandora accounts use this plan simultaneously
  • Pay $14.99 per month or $164.89 once in a year

Activate Pandora on Roku –

Before you proceed with the steps given below, you need to include the Pandora channel from the Roku store.

  • The first and foremost step is to sign in with your Pandora account in the Welcome screen to move forward with the channel activation.
  • Tag along with the directives that appear onscreen to create a new account by providing the requested details and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.
  • If you already have a Pandora account, you will find the enter code website information along with the channel access code
  • Navigate to the website from your desktop computer and enter the channel activation code.
  • You can also launch the Pandora app on your mobile device and click on the Settings option followed by Device Activation. Now execute the enter code and wrap up the channel activation.

Pandora App on Roku

  • It’s always easy to use the Pandora app on your Roku as “Up Arrow” on the Roku remote will showcase the menu bar onscreen using which you can keep track of your playlist.
  • Just tap the Home button if in case you want to search for new content or modify the settings.

How to Sort Stations on Roku

  • If you want to give first preference to the music station you like, just sort them by clicking the Settings option and tap Content Settings. You will have two options “Recent” and “Sort A-Z” from which you can choose one.

How to Delete Stations on Roku

  • To delete the station, you just have to open the Pandora app on Roku and visit My Stations tab. Hover the cursor on the Pandora channel that you want to remove and tap the Star button.

Manage Pandora with your voice commands

Yes, it is possible for Pandora users to play, pause, stop, skip the track and also you can decrease or increase the volume.

Launching can be done by either using the main Roku menu or with the voice command aspect and the version you select to open plays a vital role in determining the voice control access of Pandora. Read below to know about the settings you can use.

  1. Open Pandora app from Roku menu
  2. Skip track
  3. Play/Pause the songs you play
  4. Make use of the remote to search for new track or alter the settings
  5. Open Pandora using Voice control

Just tap on the microphone button available on your streaming device and give commands like “Play Taylor Swift’s Love Story on Pandora“.

You will witness the second version of Pandora app opening on your player which features several voice commands. However, this version will have only a few features in the “Now Playing” screen.

Tap the Home button on your Roku remote and return to Pandora app if you want to include any new track.

Is it possible to add two or more Pandora accounts on Roku?

Adding more than one account on the Roku device is not allowed especially when you are using only one Roku account. However, you can enjoy your favorite tracks from two different Pandora accounts by adding it in two different devices.

  • Use filter on Roku
  • Restrict explicit content on your by  following the steps given below
  • Click the Up arrow on your Roku remote and you will witness the Menu
  • Browse through the Settings option to restrict explicit contents and click Content Settings
  • After altering the content settings, you should enter the Pandora password and save the Settings.

Roku software Update

Follow the steps given below to update the Roku software if you wish to do so.

  • Click Settings in the Roku main menu and tap System
  • Scroll through the menu and tap System Update
  • To check whether a new update is available, click Check Now and tag along with the onscreen directives
  • Once the update is complete, ensure you restart the device if it doesn’t happen automatically.
  • After a proper restart, try to open the Pandora app and play your songs.

Roku troubleshooting 

  • If you have any issues while using the, just follow the troubleshooting steps given below and get rid of the issues in minutes.
  • You can utilize the Ethernet connection rather than using the Wireless connection provided that your Roku player supports Wired connection as some models will not have an Ethernet port
  • Try to restart the Roku streaming player, modem and router too.
  • At first, go to My Channels option to delete Pandora app and again include it from the Roku channel store.
  • To remove the Pandora app from your Roku player, you just have to click the Star (*) button on your remote after hovering over the Pandora Channel.

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