Roku Com Link Device Activation

How To Activate your Roku Streaming Device using code?

The first step in activation is account creation. You need a Roku com link account code to associate your Roku streaming player. This account holds information on your device, channels, settings, and preferences. Also, use a valid email address when creating the Roku com link account. Because, the email address is used to manage the account and, to communicate notifications. Therefore, it is mandatory to have an account even before you begin the activation process.

How do I Create a Roku Account?

  1. Visit and navigate to the sign-up page
  2. Then, enter your personal details such as first and last names, valid email address and a password to setup Roku account
  3. Subsequently, add your payment details, a PIN and its preferences to your account information
  4. Once that is done, you will have successfully created a Roku Link account under your name
  5. Take the Roku Help for creating a genuine Roku Account

How To Activate Roku Com Link Setup?

  • You need to complete the initial Roku com link setup process if you have a brand new Roku device
  • And, this step is applicable for all Roku models including your Roku TV and Streaming Stick
  • Make the necessary wired and wireless connections with the help of the Quick Start Guide
  • Alternatively, you can obtain this information online on
  • Connect the device to your home network with instructions that appear on your TV screen
  • The device will then download the software and firmware by connecting to the server

Roku Streaming Device Link Code Activation

  • Later on, a Roku com link sign in code is displayed on your screen
  • Make a note of this alphanumeric code because it is valid only for a certain period of time
  • Then, you need to access the website from another device such as a mobile phone or a PC
  • Use your login credentials to get into your account and then, go to the Link a device menu
  • Now, you are redirected to another webpage where you will have the Roku link enter code.
  • Then you must perform the Roku Link Code Activation by entering the Roku com link code in the relevant text box
  • Select the SUBMIT button and, wait for further instructions from the website
  • This is how you perform the Roku com link activate
  • To add new Roku channels on your device you will have to know the respective Roku Channel Codes.
  • You may have issues with Roku com link setup or activation if you do not complete or follow all instructions carefully
  • Now, turn restart your TV and the Roku media player
  • And then, check if the Roku home screen appears on your TV screen
  • If yes, then the activation process was successful
  • Otherwise, you might have to repeat all steps or gain assistance from the Roku Support Team

The Roku Link Activation is a simple process which is the most primary step to proceed with. Once your Roku link activation is successful you could also activate Roku channels from the channel store.

NOTE: The Roku channel activation is a separate process and can only be performed after “Activate Roku Account” procedures are completed. To do this you could always take the Roku Account Help for any assistance.

 Troubleshooting the Roku Activation Process

What to do when you face an error while entering the Roku link code?

There are a few points to be noted before Roku com link enter code. And, they are,

  1. The Roku Activation Code is case sensitive and hence, note it down carefully to successfully Activate Roku device
  2. Also, you must complete Roku com link enter code within a certain period of time
  3. Besides, make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection while you perform the Roku activate procedures

Sometimes, the problem persists in spite of following the above-mentioned steps. In which case, you can try getting a new Roku Activation Code from your device.

  • Turn ON your Roku device and your TV and also, ensure that you connect the device to the internet
  • Make use of your Roku remote and, select the * (star) button followed by the Get a new code option
  • Note down the link precisely and, use it to activate your device

[Fix] Roku Error Codes Problems

Error code 001

The Roku device will be stuck on the activation screen and will see this error code appear on your screen. What does this Roku Com error code signify? It means that the device is unable to connect to your network. Ensure you correct your network issues and the, use the TRY AGAIN option to overcome the issue.

Error code 014

In order to connect to the wireless network, you need to enter the corresponding network name and password. Eventually, your device will display this error code when it is unable to connect to the wireless network. You can try changing the connection to a wired one. Alternatively, place the device in close proximity to your wireless router.

Error code 016

The error code 016 will appear on your screen when the connection is lost while launching a channel. Select the SETUP CONNECTION option and troubleshoot this Roku Com issue.

Troubleshooting Common Problems in Roku

  • Most Roku issues are resolved when you restart the router, Roku, and your TV
  • Also, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to overcome network related issues
  • Be careful when you type in passwords as it is case sensitive.
  • Make use of a signal amplifier if your device and router are placed in different rooms