What is Roku?

The Roku streaming device allows you to stream a variety of online content such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and much more. The device is extremely responsive and constant upgrades to the app allow provides users with a better performance.

There is an assortment of Roku devices that you can choose from. Each of them comes with unique capabilities and all of them are relatively easy to setup and install. Barring a few distinct prompts, the setup remains the same.

Roku has always ensured user-friendly and easy comprehensible processes for its users.

How to setup, activate and link your Roku?

An important step, setting up the Roku is crucial to viewership since it sets the air for entertainment.The setup will first require you to setup the software after which you will receive an activation code that will help you create an account. Once the code is obtained, input it into the appropriate field as prompted by the display.

Alternatively you can call 1-844-558-1010 for activating your Roku link code. Use the Roku activation code displayed in your TV to link your roku account to roku com link.

1. Connect the Roku to the HDMI port of the TV and if your TV is older, use the composite video connection along with the HDMI. The product recommends the usage of a high-speed HDMI cable for quick connectivity.

2. You can connect using an Ethernet cable as well if your Roku player has a provision for the same.

3. Ready the remote – insert the new batteries by opening the cover (for batteries) behind the remote

4. Connect the power cord and the adapter to the Roku device and the main power supply, respectively

Note: It is always important that you choose the right input on your TV for a smooth setup

Roku com link account

1. Setting up the Roku software:

  • Once connected, turn the TV on. If you see the Roku logo on your TV screen you can begin with the software setup.

2. Choosing the language:

  • The first option after the Roku logo appears is setting your language preference. Scroll through the options to select your preferred language.

3. Connecting to the internet:

  • A list of wireless networks will be displayed. Choose the network name to which you wish to connect the Roku. The Roku device and your computer must be connected to the same network.

4. Enter your ‘Password’ and select ‘Connect’

5. If all the credentials are correct, the device will automatically connect to the internet

6. Downloading the latest software:

  • After connecting to the internet, the Roku will check for software updates and will download the latest updates automatically, if any. The device reboots to accept all the changes.

How to Activate your Roku?

roku.com/link activation
Activating the Roku Player:
  • Link the Roku account with the device to activate it. Creating an account will allow you track your subscription and channel details. Additional purchases can also be done through the account.
  • When you have completed all the previous stages, the device will provide a code at the end of it, which is the activation code.
  • From your computer, go to roku.com/link and enter the code displayed on your screen. The next page will ask you to register yourself, where you can create an account. You may also have to provide your credit card details.

How to Personalize your Roku?

  • Rearrange your channels and organize them on the Roku Home Screen. You can either ‘Remove Channel’ a channel or ‘Move Channel’
  • New theme: If you are bored of the default purple, theme there are four other themes to choose from Graphene, Nebula, Decaf and Daydream
  • Renaming the players: This feature is a boon for people who possess multiple Roku devices. Rename your devices under “My Linked Devices” and then click on “Rename”
  • Your very own personal library: The Roku media player channel can stream all your personal files and is compatible with mp4, mp3, wav and much more

How to Manage your Roku channels?

Roku com link
  • To add a channel to the Roku device – you can open the channel store and explore for new options. Here you can select the streaming channels that you wish to add
  • Cancel a channel subscription with the help of your remote. You can ‘Cancel Subscription’ to unsubscribe and remove the channel immediately
  • The device allows you to add hidden or ‘private channels’ to your channel stream. You can search for the private Roku channel and look for its code or a link that you can go to
  • Arrange the streaming channels by selecting the channel and pressing the asterisk or ‘*’ key on the remote

How to Find movies and TV shows?

  • Use Roku’s ‘Search’ function to find movies and TV shows – you can search by movie name, director and actors
  • Browse from a list of free channels available in the Roku Channel store
  • You can perform a search using the on-screen keyboard or using the keyboard on your mobile device
  • Results will be displayed across a vast selection of channels by just typing in the content that interests you

How to Explore your Roku features?

  • Use the Roku media player to play your favorite music and videos
  • Enable the text-to-speech audio guide
  • The Remote Finder helps you look for the Roku remote if you misplace it
  • The Night Listening Mode helps you limit the volume when you use the device at night


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